Surprise last week, I have two windows in my basement and they leak!

My articles and reviews of video games

Sorry for my anglo friends, it’s a french website.

Anyway, I have been reviewing games for the last 3 years, recruited me 1 yrs and a half ago. When the previous podcast I was on stopped.

Bilingual FTW!


Go ahead, make my day.

Dirty Harry.

Learning About Tumblr

So apparently, I have to learn how Tumblr works during my computer class…

Well, since I’ve been using Tumblr and Wordpress for over 3 years, I figured I have learned everything there is to know about it. I mostly use the iPhone app to post, unless there is some “photoshopping” involve. I even used the SMS/email post function in the past when I didn’t have a smartphone.

For the following part, I follow mostly art and photography. There is a little bit of geekier stuff, like comic books, Porches and Legos, but in general I like just to scroll through an endless list of beautiful pictures. 

The Like button, is, for me a way to bookmark the picture I really like, or the ones I want to come back to later (mostly architectural or travel ideas). I think the real intention of the button was to tell the person you like what they did, but since I am very particular about the blogs that I follow, I feel like it’s unnecessary to like everything.

Building on that, I wish there was a bookmarking tool integrated into Tumblr, to organize and save the post I like, and also make a copy of it in case the person delete their Tumblr.

The second and most problematic thing with Tumblr, is the source of the material. The majority of people repost without making the effort of going to the original material. It makes it difficult to track who did what.

That’s it!

Sicamous, British Columbia. Has a teenager problem.

Probably the funniest store name ever #icecreamchickenvideopizza

Not too sure what to do with that. #pool #garbage #recycling #handicap #wheelchair

Au Delà du Processeur. turned 2 today!

(Source : assets)

It’s not because you are a snowman, that you shouldn’t be safe.

I have a much better reception on my iPhone 5 now.

No wonder nobody respect anything anymore. There’s no more Pirate face on the Pirate cookies box.

The new toy for the snow season! #burton #powder #catski

Architectural fixture is watching you.

Rayon de soleil

Stay at home dad you develop some skills…